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Embarking on a fresh start with the Cal State San Bernardino Reentry Initiative (CSRI) is a journey that unfolds in four crucial steps. We are here to guide you every step of the way and provide resources to support your success.

Get Started

Step 1 : Get Referred

The journey begins with your parole agent. The agent will submit your information to CSRI using the form CDCR 1502. This essential document is used by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to refer you to CSRI. Contact your parole agent to start the enrollment process.

Step 2: Get Enrolled

Once CSRI receives your information, you will be contacted to schedule an intake appointment with CSRI. From this point it is important for you to get prepared – this is the next step towards a new chapter. Punctuality and commitment are key. Come ready to learn, grow, and most importantly, be ready to succeed. Remember, this is more than just a program – it’s a community that changes lives within the community.

Step 3: Get Connected

The next step in your journey is connecting with your caseworker. Your caseworker is here to provide guidance, support, and resources tailored to your specific needs, working together towards your success. Meet with your caseworker to address individual risk factors connected to recidivism. 

Individual case management plans are developed to organize goals and create steps in achieving them. This involves connecting participants with needed resources, opportunities, and support networks within the community to help participants reach their goals.

No goal is too great or too small, all are important. It is important for you to remember you are not alone on this journey. CSRI provides you with supporters to help you succeed. Utilize their knowledge, experience, and resources – ask questions! CSRI is here to help you navigate the path to a successful reentry, take advantage of the opportunities available.

Step 4: Stay Connected

Our commitment to your success continues after enrollment. Maintaining regular follow-ups and communication with your caseworker ensures you are moving towards your goals. Staying connected is aimed at establishing collaboration between the participant, caseworker, and CSRI. It is essential to monitor participant’s goals, progress, needs, concerns, and strengthen participant’s support systems. 

CSRI is here to provide ongoing support, assist you with barriers, and celebrate your milestones. With your dedication, resilience, and the right support, you can break the cycle of incarceration. Let’s get started on this journey together. Your new chapter starts here, at CSRI.

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